Our mission is to bring you high-quality sports apparel that’s made for women, by women. Our roots are in the sport of strongwoman, but this is a brand for all women who want to feel strong, powerful, and confident. Whether you’re a seasoned athlete or just getting started, we hope this brand feels like home.

GO FOR YOKE was dreamt up by lightweight strongwoman, Charlee Robinson, from a desire to have better gymwear options that represent her identity; she loves to lift heavy weights, but is still in touch with her feminine power. She would happily spend all her money on cute shirts and sports bras, but wasn’t buying from any strength sports brands. She wanted to, really wanted to wear the team colours, but didn’t connect with most strongman apparel brands. Charlee isn’t a salt sniffing, back slapping, heavy-metal type of lifter. Shirts with Vikings, skulls, or apex predators weren’t particularly appealing… and we quickly realised that maybe other women felt the same way. Most women are still very much in touch with their feminine side, even when doing things that have historically been seen as ‘masculine.’

Better yet, how many of these companies that make token women’s collections, are owned by women?

GO FOR YOKE’s aims are to make gym apparel that you feel confident in, encourage you to see you’re capable of more than you think, and to welcome you to a wonderful community of women that’ll support you from the sidelines.


Quality: Strength sports apparel is not known for its quality. Understandably! We’re usually covered in chalk, tacky, and dirt from equipment that’s kept in a shed. But that shouldn’t mean we can’t have nice things. I love wearing matching outfits to the gym, and I want my apparel to be stylish and comfortable enough for everyday wear too. Quality is prioritised during the design and development process: 100% combed cotton, quality fit, recycled mailing bags… you get the idea.

Feminine Power: Physical strength and femininity are rarely paired together. Strength is typically seen to be defined by masculine qualities like aggression and assertiveness. Plus, women with visible muscle mass are often called a man by strangers on the internet. It leaves us asking: 

If I embody masculine traits, will I be seen as a more legitimate sportsperson? Will feminine traits make me weak, or sexualised? Some days I feel feminine, others masculine, do I need to make a choice? And will continued muscle gain mean my body is no longer seen as feminine?

Maybe the answer lies in redefining our idea of strength to include feminine traits. Feminine power isn’t pink with frilly bows. Physical strength involves creativity, flow state, and patience. And these qualities are not exclusive to women, men can embody these feminine traits too. It’s okay to be femme and strong. Embrace it, celebrate it.

Community: GO FOR YOKE’s roots are in the strongman community, which is well known for being supportive and inclusive. While we compete as individuals, it feels like a team sport. No one cheers for you harder than the competitor standing in the lane beside you. We mirror back our customers’ values, and community is a huge part of why we compete in sports or make friends at the gym.

Growth: At GO FOR YOKE, we’re championing growth in every sense. We're here to nurture the growth of women’s participation in strength sports, encouraging women to see they are capable of far more than they think. We celebrate all that our bodies can do for us, prioritising physical growth over shrinking - our power comes from taking up space, gaining muscle, and breaking barriers.